203 Rachel Carson Way, Ithaca, N.Y. 14850 • 607-342-5106
todd@ecovillage.ithaca.ny.us • www.toddayoung.com • www.andradeayoung.com

Birthplace: Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, US Citizen since 1982.


• Experience teaching a wide range of art topics and media at graduate and undergraduate level
• Working artist showing nationally and internationally, in touch with politics, history and current trends
• Strong background in critical theory, art history and Philosophy
• Knowledge of curriculum design, program coordination and group dynamics
• Membership experience in multiple artist collectives and community-based organizations
• Founding member EcoVillage at Ithaca’s Second Neighborhood Group
• Trained Facilitator “Talking Circle on Race,” and participant in numerous communication and consensus trainings
• Established track record of communicating well and working effectively with others


1998 MFA, Yale University, Sculpture, New Haven, CT
1990-91 Whitney Museum Independent Study Program, Studio, NYC
1976-80 School of Visual Arts, Fine Arts, NYC
1975 Parsons School of Design Summer education arts program, NYC


2005 – Present
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
• Responsible for teaching Three Dimensional Design in the Foundation Department
• Coordinator Three Dimensional Design Department, 2005-2007
• Teach Foundation Art and Portfolio Development in the Pre-College program (Manhattan and Brooklyn Campuses)

2013 (Fall)
Parsons, The New School for Design, NYC
• Responsible for teaching “Space and Materiality”, first year students

2008 – 2011
Adjunct Professor, New York University, New York, NY
• Responsible for teaching graduate course entitled “Interventionist Art: Strategies and Tactics”, integrating, art praxis, critical & visual theory and research

Visiting Artist/Lecturer Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark
• Set up and participated in critical workshops on art and politics with Art and Theory students
• Critique and give feedback on student group projects (student documentation of trips to Palestine and Iran)
• Advisor for MFA exhibition thesis

2008 (Spring)
Visiting Professor, The Cooper Union, New York, NY
• Three Dimensional Design, Foundation Art Department

2005 (Spring)
Visiting Professor, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
• Painting, Foundation Art Department

2001 – 2003
Visiting Instructor, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
• Three Dimensional Design, Foundation Art Department

1998 – 2001
Artist Instructor Residency Program, New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, NY
• Artist-Instructor Residency Program with Environmental Studies teacher at IAT Middle School, Queens, NY., Sponsored by the New Museum of Contemporary Art.

1996 – 2000
Visiting Professor, University of New Haven, New Haven, CT
• Color Theory, Foundation Art Department
• Introduction to Drawing, Foundation Art Department

1999 (Fall)
Visiting Professor, Lafayette College, Easton, PA
• 20th Century African American Art History

1998 – Present
Visiting Instructor, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
• Teach a wide range of courses from Art History, Sketching and 3DD in Pratt’s HEOP (Higher Education Oppotunity Program) Summers only


“Ruptures: Forms of Address” with REPOcommons School of Art at Cooper Union, NYC
Curated by Saskia Bos and Steven Lam. I worked with Greg Sholette, Jim Costanzo and Paul Garrin to set up a
website for Cooper Union students to create signage to voice their concerns about Cooper Union’s tuition debate.
REPOcommons was advocating free higher education for all in the USA.

Lugar a Dudas (Place of Doubt), Cali Colombia
I was invited as an aritist-in-residence to work with a group of local artists to create an art installation and video critical of the then conservative government of Alvaro Uribe Velez. http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=OMyobbPwFeI

Interim Sites, An Urban Arts Initiative, New Haven, CT
An arts collective that worked with urban spaces “between occupation.” Spaces once inhibited, but temporarily abandoned. Interim Sites researched and retold the neglected history of these places though mulit-medium installations on the sites.

Godzilla: Asian-American Pacific Islander Artist
Network, Steering committee (1993-95), NYC. Godzilla advocated for Asian American Art and artists through exhibitions, publications, performances and lectures.

REPOhistory collective, NYC, Founding member.
The Repo-History Collective advocated a radical reading of American history through public art, gallery exhibitions,
Publications, performances and lectures.

Whitney Museum of American Art’s Educational Department
Studio talks at Longwood Arts project, Bronx, NY. during my artist-in-residence working with children from Queens, N.Y. schools.

Community Access Inc. Club Access, East Village, NY
Day education programs for adults with emotional problems. I worked with the Recreational Coordinator to develop and implement a mural project.

Storefront for Art and Architecture, NYC, Assistant Director
Assistant Director and Curator


2013 “WE, Only the Party Will Save the People”, Performance Works NW,
Portland, OR
2012 “Actuality and Laughter”, Plato’s Cave, Brooklyn, NY

2011 “Faith and Shadows”, NLHspace, Copenhagen, Denmark

2009 “Undead” at Spanien19c, Aarhus, Denmark

2006 “Divergence/Divergencia”, Centro Cultural de Cali, Colombia

2005 “Beheaded/Between”, with Carlos Andrade at ZIM Project Space,
Rotterdam, Holland
“Beheaded/Between”, with Carlos Andrade at Experimental,
Intermedia, Gent, Belgium

2004 “Vacio/Void”, with Carlos Andrade at Valenzuela & Klenner arte
contemporaneo, Bogota, Colombia

2003 “Riesgo/Risk”, with Carlos Andrade at Museo de Arte Moderno, La
Tertulia, Cali, Colombia 2005

2002 “Intensive”, with Carlos Andrade at the String Room Gallery,
Wells College, Aurora, NY

2005 “Elsewhere”, with Carlos Andrade at Art Gallery (Catalogue)
Williams Center for the Arts Lafayette
College Easton, PA

2000 “What is left over”, with Carlos Andrade at North
Udstillingssted, Copenhagen, Denmark
(Catalogue, CD and website:www.north-udstillingssted.dk)

1995 “Western Civ., or Balls of History”, a window installation at
Printed Matter, NYC

1992 “The Perverse Double or Rum N’ Coca-Cola”, Art in General, NYC.

1990 “New World Plantation”, Whitney Independent Study Program, NYC

“Races”, Longwood Arts Project Gallery, Bronx, NY.

“A tourist is an ugly being”, Galerie Hofkabinett, Linz, Austria

1987 “Sacrificial Machine”, Hovedbibliotek, Denmark

“Jumbles, Duppys and Spirits”, Congo Gallery, Copenhagen,

1986 “In the eye”, Krasnapolsky, Copenhagen, Denmark

1985 “When feelings translate into politics”, Neither/Nor Gallery,


2014 “Gulf Labor, 52 Weeks”, online exhibition, http://gulflabor.org

2013 “enact”, online group exhibition based on “Art In the Mind”
1970, curated by Nanette Yannuzzi and Ann Torke, Oberlin
College, OH http://enact-artinthemind.com

2012 The Big Sleep/Dobok at the 26th Nadezda Petrovic Memorial,
Cacak, Serbia. Curated by Jelena Stojanovic (Catalogue)
“Ruptures: Forms of Address” with REPOcommons curated by
Saskia Bos and Steven Lam
School of Art at Cooper Union, NY

2011 “Kill the Chickens to Scare the Monkeys” Online Portfolio for
After Image Journal: http://www.vsw.org/ai/portfolio/kill-the-
“Bits and Pieces”at Tampus Projects, Tampa FL, curated by
Neil Bender and Gregory Green

2008 “Body Burden, Placebo, Early bird”, Pratt Institute’s public
sculpture garden,
fiberglass baton, with Carlos Andrade, Brooklyn, NY
“An Abecedarium for our Times”, organized by
Radhika Subramaniam, APEXART, NYC (Catalogue)

2007 “Pratt faculty exhibition” with Carlos Andrade at Rubelle and
Norman Schafler Gallery, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn NY
“Exquisite Crisis & Encounters”, curated by Yong Soon Min A/P/A
Institute at NYU (Catalogue)

2006 “Inflatable collapsing new people, curated by Karim Hamid, 131
Chriystie Street, NYC

2005 “Technical Breakdown”, curated by AUX, Panic Room, Copenhagen,
Denmark (catalogue and CD
“A Knock at the Door” with Carlos Andrade, The Cooper Union,
curated by Seth Cameron for Lower Manhattan Cultural Council,

2004 “Kleinigkeiten Kunst: Linz-New York” with Carlos Andrade at
Kliemsteinhaus, Linz, Austria

2003 “Art Bar Artists” Ithaca Fine Chocolates 2003-2004 with Carlos
Andrade, Ithaca, NY.
“Salon Regional de Artistas” with Carlos Andrade, Zonar sur.
Cali, Colombia
“Errancias: viajes o virajes” at Valenzuela y Klenner, with
Carlos Andrade, Arte Contemporaneo,
Bogota, Colombia

2002 “Artist and the Art of the Book”, with Carlos Andrade at Binney
& Smith Gallery, Banana Factory, PA and
Museo DE Arte Y Diseno Contemporaneo, Costa Rica. curated by
Curlee Holton
“Strike” (Catalogue), with Carlos Andrade at Wolverhampton Art
Gallery, Guest Curator Gavin Wade, Wolverhampton, England

2001 “Why Asia”, Godzilla banners on Canal Street, organized by Art
in General NYC. (CD R Catalogue)
“Cross-Pollination”, with Carlos Andrade curated by Susan Joyce
& Mery Lynn McCorkle, Holland Tunnel, Brooklyn NY. and The
Arboretum of Los Angeles County, CA
“Artexts” (Catalogue), with Carlos Andrade, curated by Karina
Skvirsky at Jamaica Center for the Arts & Learning, INC.,
Jamaica, NY

2000 “Real Fictions”, Performances and Readings, Brooklyn Museum,
Brooklyn, NY. March, 19, 2000

1999 “The Time Machine”, (with Diane Verano) New Museum for
Contemporary Art, NYC organized by Marcia Tucker. (Catalogue)
“Complex Natur, Natur Complex” (Catalogue), curated by Jacob Tell
at Mfkokm Copenhagen, Denmark
“Urban Encounters”, (print portfolio created by Godzilla)
organized by Greg Sholette at New Museum of Contemporary Art,
“Untitled Space”, MFA Sculpture thesis show at Yale University,
New Haven, CT.

“The Progress Wall” (catalogue), fence installation at 1156
Chapel St., New Haven, Connecticut. with Dean Sakamoto, David
Reinfurt, Marianne Bernstein and Kevin Owens
“Inside Out”, court yard installation of contents of 1156 Chapel
St., New Haven, CT

1997 “Fermented” curated by Amy Sadao & Barbara Hunt Arnold & Sheila
Aronson Galleries, Parson School of Design, NYC
“Caribbean Connections”, curated by Curlee Raven Holton, Charter
Oak Cultural Center, Hartford, CT

1996 “Living with It”, 14 East 4th street, NYC “Bronx Spaces”
(Catalogue), The Bronx Museum of the Arts,Bronx, NY


Lecture to Afdelingen for Teori og Formidling at Kunstakademiet, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2000-2014

Visual Studies Colloquium Lecture Series, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY organized by Ann Holden, 2006

Lecture/workshop to Afdelingen for Teori og Formidling at Kunstakademiet, Copenhagen, Denmark, February, 2005

Slide presentation, Wells College, Aurora, New York, 2002

Lecture to Afdelingen for Teori og Formidling at Kunstakademiet, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2002

Sound Project critique, Materials in the Arts class/Dean Sakamoto, Architecture Building, Yale University,New Haven, CT, 2002

New York Foundation for the Arts, “Community Projects”, art department, Long Island, NY University/C.W. Post Campus, 1998

“Art and Power: The Politics and Presentation of Asian American Visual Production”, with Yong Soon Min (chair), Karin Higa,
Vicente Golveo, Susette S. Min

THINKING POWER”, 13th National Conference of the Association for Asian Studies, May 29-June 2, Grand Hyatt Hotel,
Washington, DC, 1996

“Negotiating Boundaries: Art, Theory, and Life” Chairs S.A. Bachman, Linda Olstien with Todd Ayoung, Ruth Wallen, Kate Bornstein and Diane O’Donoghue Discussant.
College Art Association 84th AnnualConference February 21-24, at Hynes Convention Center, Boston, 1996

“Public Art/Public Space: Transnationalism and New Community Discourses”, New York University, 1995

“Art And Politics”, slide presentation, School of Visual Arts, NYC, 1995

“The Asian/Asian-American Artist in the Contemporary Art World”, Organized by Selly Bahl, Asians in America a New York University Conference, 1995

“After the History of Art and After”, Work in Progress: Presentation by Rockefeller Foundation protege(e) travel grant recipients, chair Judith K. Brodsky. College Art Association 83rd Annual Conference January 25-28, San Antonio, Texas, 1994

“Artist and Organizations in the 90’s/ Reinvention and Revitalization or, Battling the Edifice Complex” with Brett Cook, Mary Luft, Todd Ayoung and Cristina Nosti, NAAO 9th National Conference”, Miami-Dade Community College, Miami Beach, Florida, 1995

“Artist’ Task Force Meeting”, NAAO 9th National Conference, Dilido Hotel, Miami Florida, April 27-28th, 1994

“Issues of marginalization /Text and image as tools of social critique”, Visiting Artist Program at Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania, 1993

“Colonial Subjects/Postcolonial vision: The Problem of Cultural Voyeurism”, chair Emily Apter with Miwon Kwon, Todd Ayoung, Lisa Bloom, Antonia Lant and Hal Foster Discussant. College Art Association 81st Annual Conference February 3-6, Seattle, Washington, 1993

“Visual Literacy” Seminar, Repo-History at Hunter College Center for Media and Learning, NYC, 1993

“Migrating Selves, Race-ing Histories”, Artist presentations organized by Ayisha Abraham and Todd Ayoung at Art In General, NYC, 1992

“Art and the New Demographiques”, Greg Sholette and Todd Ayoung for Repo-History at Artist Talk on Art, NYC, 1991

“Eurocentrism and culture”, with Ayisha Abraham, Mo Bahc, Betti-Sue Hertz, Curlee Holton, Joe Lewis, Shirin Neshat and Fred Wilson and Todd Ayoung moderated by Rashidah Abubakar,organized by Todd Ayoung at the Brecht Forum, NYC 1990


OCTOBER Journal # 142, “Occupy Wall Street” with Greg Sholette, Fall 2012
Shrifter18 (Online Magazine): issue on INTENTION, Interview with Greg Sholette, 2011
AfterImage, “Kill the chickens to scare the monkeys”, 2011
“New Sculpture Comments On Brute Force”, GATEWAY, Volume19, Number 8, Pratt Institute, January 9, 2009
“Proof”, Guest edited by Todd Ayoung for Manedsskrift for kunst og kunstre lateret, #58, Copenhagen, Denmark
“Of Hermes and History”, Guest edited by Todd Ayoung for NEW OBSERVATIONS, summer #122
“Science Wars”, edited by Andrew Ross, 46-47 Social Text, artist page (Back Cover)
“Art in the Folds”, Guest Editors: Elena Berriolo and Roland Flexner, NEW OBSERVATIONS, #110 January/February 1996
“A Mimetic Passage”, America’s Favorite Movie” Interviews on The Sound of Music, Catalogue of Johan Grimonprez,
Palais des Beaux- Arts/Paleis voor Schone Kunsten Brussels, 1994
“A Mimetic Passage”, AS121 Cinema Journal, May/June 1994, Belgium
MANUAL 1992-93, Art in General, text on window installations by Karen Jones
“Perverse Double” Longwood Arts Journal, 1992-93, Bronx Council on the Arts publication
“Nobody Knows my Name(ing)”, GODZILLA Newsletter, edited by Allan deSouza volume 3 # 2, Fall 1993
“Survey on ‘Passing”, DOCUMENTS # 3, summer 1993
“The Radicalism of Cultural Continuity: Indigenous Peoples of Asia”, KYOTO Journal no. 22, 1993
“On Doubling”, Guest Editor: Godzilla, NEW OBSERVATIONS, #107 July/August 1995
“(In Between): A Cure for the Discourse of Images”, Artists’
Projects for FOUND OBJECT Journal, Center for Cultural Studies at the City University of NY Graduate School
and University Center, volume 1 no.1, Fall, 1992
“Response To War”, Guest editors: Stephen Paul Miller and Bruce Brand NEW OBSERVATIONS, issue # 82
February/May, 1991
“USA” issue, Semiotext(e), 1987
Fort 33 METRO ‘89 Catalogue, July 23, 1989, Belgium
Christie’s Visages Ensemble de Masques Decores, April 1989, Belgium
“Project DMZ”, Catalogue, FRONT 3 1989 published by StoreFront for Art and Architecture
BIOLOGY (Catalogue) curated by Todd Ayoung Onetwentyeight Gallery, NYC
Before Whitney Catalogue, published by StoreFront for Art and Architecture, 1986
“LOVING ARMS”, New York Talk, artist pages, curated by Ronald Feldman, November 984
The 1984 Show Catalogue, publication, Ronald Feldman, and
The Village Voice, November 1984


“Critics Choice”, Bill Roberts, www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/blogon/ 2006/09/your_gallery_critics_choice_by_14.php
“Meltdown! What Is Left Over by Carlos Andrade and Todd Ayoung” by Betti-Sue Hertz, Art Journal, Spring 2002, Vol.16, No.1.
“Katagtrofer og pludsalig dod”, review from Politiken, October 27th, 2000 Copenhagen, Denmark
“Space Exploration”, by Hank Hoffman, New Haven Advocate, May 14, 1998
“Artist picture a revival for New Haven” by James Kane, Connecticut Post Sunday, June 7, 1998
“Charter Oak, Atheneum exhibits dispel stereotypes of Caribbean art” by Owen McNally, The Hartford Courant, 1997
“As an Alternative, but an Alternative to What?” by Holland Cotter, The New York Times, Friday, April 19, 1996 Page C28
Todd Ayoung: Decolonizing the Mind” by Simon Taylor, THIRD TEXT, #30 Spring 1995
“GODZILLA: Moving towards an awareness of Asian artist”, Interview for BT, Tokyo, Japan, 1994
“No Choice” by ELise Harris,QW no. 36 July 12, 1992
The Lower Manhattan Sign Project” by Ken Day, ART PAPERS, November- December 1992
“Profiles & Positions”, BOMB winter 1992
“Acryl vom hafslichen Touristen”, by Peter Klimitsch, Der Standard Dienstag 15 Janner, 1991, Austria
“Vestindist Inspiration i Kobenhavn” Det Fri Aktuet, May 11, 1988
“When one culture dominates another”, by William Zimmer, New York Times, Sunday July 23, 1989
“Vargrode I billedkunsten”, Politiken, March 18, 1988
Charlottenborg Forarsudstilling Catalogue, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1988
“Kritik af volden”, Knustavisen, #8 1987, Denmark.
“Et foror med farver”, by Niel Verner Nielsen, Frederikiborg Amts Avis, March 18, 988, Denmark.
“To Close to Home”, review of “Not For Sale” exhibition by Lucy Lippard, The Village Voice, June 1983


Winner, MLK Poster Contest “What would Martin Luther King Say”, Tompkins County Human Rights Commission, 2015
Winner, Voting Rights Act Anniversary Poster Award, G.I.A.C., 2014
Artist In Residence, Performance Works, NY, Portland, OR, 2013
Artist-in-Residence/workshop with Carlos Andrade at lugar a dudas, Cali, Colombia, 2005
Artist-in-Residence with Carlos Andrade at Lafayette College, Easton, PA, 2002
Philip Morris fellowship for MFA in Sculpture,1996-1997
The Kitchen/MNN Video Workshop, NYC,1995-96
Work in Progress: Rockefeller Foundation protege(e)
Travel grant recipient,1995-96
Bronx council on the arts P.S. 39 Longwood Arts Project, Artist
Studio Scholarship, NY,1989-90
NYSCA special Artist-in-Residence Grant, 1989-90
NEA Minority Fellowship at the Printmakers Workshop, NY,1990
BIOLOGY exhibition partially funded by Artist Space,1989
“Best in Show” for Sculpture at City Without Walls “Metro Show”, NJ,1983 (Leon Golub, Juror)
1976 Art Students League, “Sam Flax Award”.
Artlab fellowship, Staten Island, NY, 1976

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